Project Management Systems (PRMS)

PRMS system is a valuable tool for tracking business opportunities developed by the Sales representatives in a business that sells products that rely on promotional samples for market penetration. The tool has a user-friendly web interface with many convenience features backed by a robust database solution. Sales reps and company management use the tool on the road as well as in the office to track promotional samples and the new business that results or may result from sending them to potential customers.

Key features of PRMS System:

* Project Request Management:

  • Capture Customer Info, Customer Needs
  • Capture Product Ideas, Project Specifications
  • Use Approval Workflow
  • Use Project Outcome Tracking
  • Use Project Sample Tracking
  • Manage Personnel Access
  • Use Follow-up Reminders
  • Review Audit Trail
  • Use Self-service Ad-Hoc Reporting from Home Screen

* Sample Request Management:

  • All Project Request features
  • Line Item detail management (specific product, qty, etc.)
  • Lab Test Data Management
  • Sample Label, Packing Slip, Address Label Printing
PRMS adds value to the business in the following areas:
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sample Tracking
  • Sales Lead Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Laboratory Information Management


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