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MFX Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Components


Dashboard Module


Our dashboards offer a range of views into real-time production performance indicators for processing equipment and blending or transfer pipelines. The views are configurable and can be set up to use primary system data or statistical data.

Our dashboards provide insight into Real-Time Equipment Performance, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by equipment/department, On Time and In Full Customer Service metrics, Quality Control, and Internal and External Feedback.

Our Shift Leader Dashboard compoment streamlines oversight activities for shift supervisors and facilitates honest discussions about shift performance at the end of each shift.

Top 3 Features

  • Robust dashboard platform with configurable views
  • Integrated data access and reduced implementation time for new views
  • All data can be exported easily from any view

Additional Highlights

  • Dashboard views can be configured to show various types of bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, circular gauges, pie charts, all of which automatically scale and can be customized to meert the business needs of each customer.
  • We have a robust Shift Leader Dashboard component, which is a module in itself that aggregates planned and actual production from all departments for any given shift and shows the supervisor what is taking place. Supervisors see individual production run comments for process deviations and are able to add their own commentary to individual runs or to the entire shift. Once the shift is over, an automated Shift Report is sent out with operator and supervisor comments on deviations.
  • An automated Production Manager Exception report is sent out at regular intervals based on shift performance data that flags significant deviations from the norm for each department. All exceptions can be reviewed and commented on for Lean/Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement resolution tracking and trend analysis.
  • Our dashboard module has configurable dashboard target performance settings to allow analysis of actual performance vs. targets.
  • Dashboard views can be exported to Excel or as images.

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