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Demand Forecasting and Reporting


Our Forecasting and Reporting module provides a demand forecast data collection platform for organizations that utilize rolling forecast or fixed forecast time frames. We provide multiple views for forecast contributors to work with their forecast. They can work with forecasted volume, packaging and revenue views and see SKUs across individual months or across months with prior year sales and automatic variance calculations for basic analytics of Year-On-Year growth.

The Forecasting module offers support for constantly evolving organizational hierarchy where hierarchy is regularly snapshotted for easier comparison to prior results. Forecasting is supported at most detailed granular level or hierarchy for each SKU or at aggregate levels. The time frame of each forecast is configurable. Our reporting engine was built to provide faster data analysis for large data sets. Individual reports are configured with known building blocks to operate Actual, Forecast, Budget figures and variances for multiple data dimensions such as Gallons, Ship Quantity/Unit of Measure, Sales Revenue. Our reports are live and can be generated as Excel files with working pivot tables or as PDF files. We also support Power BI data feeds and integrations. Forecasting data is integrated with management and sales rep dashboards for trend analysis.

Top 3 Features

  • Fluid organizational hierarchy support. If your Chart of Accounts rollup mapping changes frequently, we've got you covered.
  • Sales-Rep/Account level user security. We offer two type of user security where users can see data only for their respective accounts or where they can see each other's areas as well.
  • Working Pivot Table Excel reporting. We provide an option for users to generate Excel reports with fully functional Pivot Tables that they can manipulate to zero in on the data elements of interest.

Additional Highlights

  • Rolling forecast capability with configurable forecast frequency.
  • Forecast rollup views for management enable insights into Work-In-Progress forecast before it is finalized.
  • Automated forecast rollover takes care of moving forecast to newer versions of organizational hierarchy when sales reorganizations are finalized.
  • Sales reporting handles large data sets faster than ERP systems with our buffering and data aggregation algorithms.
  • Knowledgeable Excel users can easily filter and sort Pivot Tables filled with data in our exported reports.
  • Web view of reports offers flat view and pivoted view for all reports.
  • Reporting engine offers external data feeds for offline trend analysis in statistical packages, Power BI, or external dashboards.
  • Reports can be scheduled to run at specific times and make data available for specific departments to use in their spreadsheets.

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