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Inventory Management Module


Inventory Management module consists of different views into the raw material, intermediate and finished product inventory organized by storage tanks. The module provides planners with a view into planned and actual inventory in each storage tank. The data can be fed from SCADA automation systems when tanks are equipped with level sensors or taken from manually entered inventory.

We have successfully integrated with SCADA systems at some locations. Reading tank levels from SCADA serves as a sanity check for planned inventory as planner reconcile actual production. The module allows planners to record manual adjustments to planned and actual levels when intervention is required. This enables planners to have a preview of upcoming product inventory.


New features of the module available to new licensees in 2023.

Top 3 Features

  • Tank inventory is integrated with all other modules of the system, so it collects all product movements when product is received, processed and picked up by transportation companies.
  • Tank balances are reconciled against actual readings from automation systems or against manual inventory
  • All tank product history is tracked together with basic statistics on tank usage by product.

Additional Highlights

  • Tanks can be grouped by plant and by type of product they are used to store.
  • Individual tanks have overrides for automation sensor readings that help when faulty sensors are undergoing maintenance.
  • Tank Inventory feeds Production Planning module to enable accurate planning constrained by available and planned inventory.
  • Tank Inventory records all product movements for complete traceability.
  • Manual inventory capturing supports calculations off of tank outage readings at a set temperature of liquid product.

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