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Loading Log


Facilitate daily loading of product into tank wagon trucks, box trucks and trailers or railcars with guided checklist approach. The system will highlight the information fields needed at each step and may require supervisor approvals for certain values that deviate from the norm. With Loading Log, plants are able to send trucks on their way like clockwork. Make loading process repeatable and reproducible by Lean/Six Sigma standards and maximize the value of operations.

Loading Log brings tremendous value from Built-in Quality perspective. Many manufacturers wish that their operations processes were as good as Toyota Production System (TPS)*, which is famous for efficiency and focus on quality. Loading Log enables you to ensure highest quality product loading procedures in the shipping area through guided workflow with checks and balances at each step, which check compliance and kick off approvals when exceptions occur. Loading Log makes it hard to miss a step. It facilitates 24/7 loading operations with great success while providing real-time feedback to the rest of the plant about the status of each loading transaction. Even if your plant loses network or power and operates in emergency conditions for a few hours or a few days, Loading Log will act gracefully and will allow you to finish loading and release the carrier from your site.

Top 3 Features

  • Guided loading process and truck/railcar inspection forms
  • Automated shipping documents creation on the fly
  • Integrated Quality Control — QC approved lot and certificate of analysis are fed from QC module when ready

Additional Highlights

  • Templated shipping documents are available (International Customs invoices, certificates of analysis, bill of lading, kosher certificate, halal certificate, etc.)
  • Certificates can be managed automatically based on effective dates
  • Integration with plant scales for trucks/railcars is available
  • QC approved lot number is fed from QC module
  • QC Sample label printing allows a barcoded shipping sample label to speed up the quality check
  • Acceptable limits on quantities or prior cargo entries are configurable
  • Soft-stop and hard-stop combinations for acceptable limits are available to manage data entry efficiently in 24/7 operations
  • Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics data is fed to dashboards module for plant to review how effectively loading stations are utilized and how many trucks/railcars are filled per shift, per day, per week, per month, per year
  • Deviations in quality inspections require Shift Leader sign-on for approval
  • Loading is integrated with Customer Communication and Notification System to allow internal staff and customers to get notified as the order advances through various fulfilment stages

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