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Lot Management Module


Our Lot Management module offers end-to-end lot traceability from receiving to shipping. We work with planned and actual lots as product progresses through all stages of production.

Lot Management module is integral to Production Planning and Execution. Through this module the system automatically creates lot numbers for intermediate products. Users can trace lots through a full lot traceability chain. Whenever there is a Product Recall, this module saves planners and logistics staff a lot of time in analyzing the impact.

We support unique configurable lot numbering as well as date-based lot numbering. Unique lot numbering scenario helps our customers reduce the scope of each product recall because we are able to pinpoint problem areas with greater precision.

The system tracks all production runs, blends, transfers and receiving as lot movements. Lot movements are validated. Planners are alerted whenever they make changes that cause over-consumption of lots or invalidate lot dependencies.

Top 3 Features

  • Configurable unique lot numbering
  • Support for user-entered and date-based lots
  • Lot dependencies and lot consumption are validated

Additional Highlights

  • Lot Management module is integrated with Production Planning, Production Control and Inventory Management modules to account for all movements of product within the system.
  • Lot numbering can be reset at configurable intervals such as beginning of each year.
  • Lot movements enable tracing affected products upstream and downstream for any kind of ad-hoc or product recall analysis.
  • We enable planners to do planning under realistic constraints of inventory on hand, planned inventory with lot dependencies and plant model constraints.
  • Lot numbering scenarios are set per Plant/Site. It's possible to have different lot numbering rules by site.

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