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Product Data Management Module


Product Data Management (PDM) module is a fully auditable product specification repository that stores all relevant product-centric information for use by plant management and production operators.

PDM is built on a robust product specification management platform that is fully configurable, versioned and auditable. Product data can be accessed in different degrees of detail by different users depending on their roles and privileges and specific configurations of data views.

Top 3 Features

  • PDM module is built on a robust product specification platform with configurable rules, parameters and specifications.
  • PDM offers formula-driven live calculators for various purposes such as non-linear additive quantity calculations.
  • PDM versions all specifications and provides complete audit trail of all changes for compliance.

Additional Highlights

  • PDM support various configurable layouts for viewing product specifications by various types of users including shop floor operators.
  • PDM data is linked into Batch Log production control module for reference by the operators.
  • PDM stores all necessary product-centric data that is not in the Recipe Management Module or QC module.

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