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Production Planning Suite


We take Production Planning to a whole new level via tight integration between planned schedule and resource availability. We detect tank usage conflicts, control and validate intermediate lots, trace component production via lot control, integrate with Quality Control and with Production / Batch Control and alert planners and designated personnel to deviations from the planned production levels.

Our core planning tools enable Production Scheduling for processing equipment such as Refining, Deodorization, Interesterification, Hydrogenation, Bleaching, Dewaxing, etc. Planners can schedule blends of product, transfers between storage tanks, product receiving and loading. We verify Bill of Materials and allow for planned adjustments in ratios when blends are made. We have a Recipe Management module that enables equipment-specific or product-specific recipe creation that guides the production execution process.

Our Integrated Planning Module makes suggested production plans based on Bill of Materials, available product inventory and plant model constraints. This enables analysis of complex production run chains in minutes.

We let planners see planned and actual tank inventory. We collect tank inventory data through integration with SCADA systems or through manual input.

Top 3 Features

  • Planning is integrated with Production and planners see in real-time how their schedule is executed.
  • Automatic creation of intermediate product lots for full lot traceability.
  • Tank usage conflicts are visible in planning and in execution stages.

Planners are given tools to make the plants run and we make sure they get all the information they need.

Additional Highlights

  • All Production Schedule and Blend Schedule instructions from planners map to specific Production Control modules that operators use to execute those instructions. All execution is integrated with our Quality Control module. Quality Control data is accessible to planners in all phases of production in real-time.
  • Planners can see what step of execution operators are on and adjust schedule for delays.
  • Planners can use a mobile app on VPN to see what is being produced at their plant.
  • Planners can analyze demand for product based on actual customer orders and on orders to stock.
  • Planners can analyze Operating Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP), Manufacturing Schedule Stability (MSS), Manufacturing Schedule Production (MSP) metrics to help improve plant performance.
  • Planners can access any sample test result for any production run or blend to see if adjustments are necessary.
  • Automated Production Manager reports provide a mechanism for daily review of deviations from the planned schedule and taking appropriate course of action to improve performance.
  • All data stored in the system is available for Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement analysis in dashboards.
  • Detailed production scheduling is one of the core functions of an ideal MES system according to MESA and ISA-95 standards. Our planning functionality supports not only scheduling, but actual planning, publishing and tracking of schedules for configured plants.
  • We enable 24/7 production operations relying on a continuous feedback loop between Planners, Production Operators and Quality Control personnel.

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