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Promotional Sample Tracking Module


The PRMS module offers Opportunity Management and Promotional Sample Tracking. New business development is organized as projects that may contain series of different promotional samples that end up winning new business.

PRMS offers specific tracking of potential customers and potential revenues together with their preferences and product requirements. The module offers configurable tracking categories of data that may differ between installations based on client needs. The module offers integration with other MFX modules including Quality Control module for lab analysis of product samples. In installations without QC integration, the module offers a simpler way of recording critical test data for all samples.

Top 3 Features

  • PRMS offers 2 ways of handling QC test data for promotional samples. Data can be pulled from integrated QC module or entered manually.
  • PRMS offers a set of email notifications but can also be integrated with CNCS module for more robust external and internal notifications.
  • PRMS also serves as a data repository for attachments to sample requests saved by the staff.

Additional Highlights

  • PRMS tracks physical form of samples, specific restrictions, acceptable declarations, solubility, required documentation and sample targets for each project or sample request.
  • PRMS provides an internal sample and project request approval workflow.
  • PRMS provides full audit trail for project and sample request activity.
  • PRMS generates packing slips and sample labels.
  • PRMS offers price tracking for individual sample request line items.

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