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Record Quality Control sample test results in the QC module using robust test specification management technology. Configure generic or customer-specific specifications to meet the needs of your business and have a reliable audit trail of all QC work.

Our Quality Module combines the best of the features of Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) including some of the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) features together with sharp focus on process quality where all of QM data is integrated with the plant production processes and can be accessed and traced or entered from anywhere. With this module, we went beyond traditional LIMS concepts and made sure Quality Control personnel does not work in isolation but becomes an integral part of the entire process. This module puts information at your fingertips. Automatic labelling of product samples with barcode scanning removes the need for manual information entry and allows the lab to support higher volumes of production without losing the grip. We have made sure to embed quality checkpoints in all parts of production and shipping processes. Embedded quality is the way of the future.

Top 3 Features

  • Fully integrated QC module is able to collect and share data from various points in production, packaging and shipping processes.
  • Auto-generated barcoded sample labels allow for quick sampling, quick delivery to the lab and convenient sample check-in. This is ideal for high volume labs.
  • Lab test results can be seen in numerous configurable pivoted views for trend analysis.

Additional Highlights

  • QC module supports generic and customer specifications based on hierarchy of configurable test methods and test parameters.
  • All AOCS test methods are supported by QC module infrastructure.
  • QC Managers can set up test specs with parameters of different data types, with absolute, detectable, passing limits and default and target values.
  • All test specifications are versioned and all edits are stored in audit trail for compliance with regulations and customer audits.
  • Generic and Custom Certificate of Analysis (CofA) templates are available.
  • Lab technicians can save test results in different ways for convenience. They can use pivoted edit form for Work-In-Progress (WIP) samples and a full form for rigorous tests.

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