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Railcar Management Module


If your plant sends or receives railcars with product, RCM module will help you make sense of the intricate railroad carrier operations, long wait times and drill-ins and drill-outs. RCM assists with carrier communication and order/railcar status tracking. It is the go-to place for plant personnel for current railhead / siding status updates.

RCM puts current and historical railcar inventory at your fingertips. The spotting records are collected at regular intervals allowing plant personnel to run spotting reports with all the crucial details. The spotting reports will show you railcars at siding, product, quantity, status, customer, order information, carrier, etc. Additionally, RCM is used to order drill-ins and drill-outs by keeping the inventory of such requests and handling communications with the carrier. Special care is given to customer returns and rejections. RCM contains separate functions to track those withe ease.

Top 3 Features

  • Easy access to current and historic railcar inventory
  • Railcar database tracks characteristics of all railcars ever used by your plant
  • Railcar outage tables allow for accurate product weight calculations for loading/unloading

Additional Highlights

  • Railcars can be configured as storage tanks for Production Planning purposes
  • Self-service reporting features are integrated into screen designs to allow users to modify their views, rearrange columns, add custom grouping and filtering and export data.
  • Railcar status and handling history is stored for easy lookup of critical dates and times and assigned personnel
  • Railcar movement within plant is stored with each railcar for audit purposes
  • Plant siding spots can be managed in groups for convenience

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