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MFX Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Components


Recipe Management Module


Manage bulk processing recipes in this version control system. Recipes can be configured for each processing equipment line or by Equipment/Product. Recipes have all the necessary steps operators must follow to ensure successful production of each run or batch.

Our recipe management is built on a robust version control platform with configurable hierarchies of processing steps that may have unique input or output requirements and specific control points. Recipes are integrated with Batch Log production control module. They distinguish between manual entry control points and automated control points read from integrated SCADA system / Historian.

Top 3 Features

  • Generic recipe steps can be preconfigured for easier management of recipes.
  • All recipes are versioned and auditable.
  • Recipes are easily managed in a dedicated web interface as hierarchical structures.

Additional Highlights

  • Recipes control information that needs to be captured at each processin step in making a run or a batch.
  • We integrate with various SCADA systems to read the data necessary for each processin run.
  • Recipes support repeated execution of steps when partial or complete "Rework" is needed to re-process product to meet the desired specification.
  • Recipes control the type of Quality Control sampling that must be performed during each run.
  • Recipes are designed to serve as guided checklists for operators with all quality assurance built into the process.

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