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Receiving Schedule Module


Manage receiving of raw materials from sourcing to receiving on site. Let planners request the materials they need for Procurement/Sourcing to procure. Planners will be informed on the status of their requests from beginning to end.

Receiving module provides ways to handle different channels with different process workflow scenarios. Whether it's a tank wagon received on site with shipping documents to be processed or a railcar at the rail yard with shipping documents received in advance, we have you covered. We know that production plants differ in how they process receiving, so we've distilled common scenarios and left some flexibility for addressing specific site needs.

Receiving module can handle different types of channels:

  • Tank wagon (tanker) trucks
  • Box Trucks
  • Railcars
  • Cargo (tanker) ships

Available to new licensees in 2023.

Top 3 Features

  • Production Planners get full transparency into the purchasing process of raw materials they request.
  • Receiving module provides events into the communication module (CNCS) such that planners and any other internal or external staff can subscribe to them and get notified as raw materials are sourced and delivered.
  • Receiving module handles the full cycle from sourcing to receiving raw materials at the plant, so plant staff receiving shipment has fewer steps to go through and all surprises are eliminated.

Additional Highlights

  • Receiving module integrates with Contract Management systems to receive product against purchase contracts and purchase orders.
  • Receiving module is integrated with our Railcar Management Module and it eliminates unnecessary steps when receiving railcar shipment.
  • Receiving module is integrated with Production Planning, so it automatically schedules a plant Receiving instruction when raw material arrives.
  • Receiving module enables improved tracking of lot numbers of incoming raw materials.

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