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MFX Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Components


Shipping Schedule Module


Always know what customer orders are coming up, what orders are filled and what orders are worked on. Manage daily operations including logistics, production planning and production off of your aggregate demand schedule. Our system lets you see operate off of customer orders or customer and stock orders. From the time an order is placed to the time it's filled and shipped, you can see the fulfilment cycle in real-time. Cross-functional teamwork is enabled by a common set of data and common goals.

SSM begins where the traditional ERP Order Management functions end. It’s not about maintaining orders. It’s about having a proper workflow for daily operations in Logistics, Customer Service, Production Planning, and Production Control. When internal departments do their work based on customer orders, the entire Order-to-Cash process becomes very easy to trace and to tune. We have helped our customers achieve quicker turnaround, improved visibility, improved quality and increased employee satisfaction. This module is key to bringing the right information to the plant operations. It is one of the core modules of our system.

Top 3 Features

  • Maximize visibility into the Supply Chain
  • Customer-focused workflows improve transparency and customer satisfaction
  • Integrate Logistics, Quality Control and Production communications in real-time

Additional Highlights

  • Self-service reporting based on configurable screens and user-managed data views
  • All shipping documents for each order can be seen from the Shipping Schedule views (International Customs invoices, certificates of analysis, bill of lading, kosher certificate, halal certificate, etc.)
  • Certificates can be managed automatically based on effective dates
  • Automated shipping scheduling is available based on configurable time slots
  • Aggregate plant capacity reports and demand analysis are at your fingertips
  • Various departments enjoy seeing the plant fulfilling orders with real-time status updates
  • Quality Control is integrated throughout the order fulfilment process and is visible at each stage of production
  • EDI integration with carriers is available
  • On-Time and In-Full (OTIF) metrics are supplied to the dashboards
  • Customer Feedback from Feedback Management Module is accessible from individual orders where available

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