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Industrial Worksheet Management Module


Worksheets module brings the best of both worlds of Excel-type spreadsheet formulas and robust records keeping. Our worksheets are used by Quality Assurance technicians to record observations and perform calculations on the spot using our user formula engine. Worksheets are also be used to track equipment maintenance. It's an easy mechanism to configure that ensures data continuity and proper data retention.

The worksheet formula engine supports most known functions used in Microsoft Excel. So administrators who set up these worksheets, may easily reference columns using formulas for various calculations. Worksheet definitions are based on a robust version control platform and are similar to our QC module in architecture. All worksheet specification changes are versioned and logged for audit purposes.

Top 3 Features

  • Robust version control for worksheet specifications
  • Excel-style formula engine supports automatic calculations
  • Users enter records that never get lost and are properly retained for compliance

Additional Highlights

  • Worksheets module supports unlimited worksheet instances and specifications.
  • Worksheets have configurable rules and parameters set up and maintained by designated personnel.
  • Worksheet rules enable instant user input validation.
  • Worksheets lend themselves to perfect quality checklists relying on versioned and auditable validation rules.
  • Worksheets have been successfully used on the shop floor to record production data by the operators and technicians
  • Worksheets module enables quick development of validated data capturing mechanism that is generic, fits different purposes for continuous data and can serve as a data source for further reporting and dashboards.

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